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Common Copperhead

Austrelaps superbus

Copperhead Distribution Australian Common Copperhead Australian Common Copperhead
Image: 768×576, 123,720 bytes
Date & Time: 26 November 2005 13:25
Place: Silvan

Coiled Copperhead Snake Coiled Copperhead Snake
Image: 768×560, 87,351 bytes
Date & Time: 26 November 2005 13:45
Place: Silvan

Flared Copperhead (tan form) Flared Copperhead (tan form)
Image: 640×480, 95,929 bytes
Date & Time: 11 March 2006 17:45
Place: Wonga Park
The Australian Common Copperhead snake is quite variable in color, the first photos being the dark form. It grows to about 1.5 metres long and females give birth to live young in late summer. If you can see the eyes (round pupil with iris) it helps with identification. They are quite common at lower altitudes.

Like all native Victorian species, this one is venemous and bites can be fatal.

Although some research I did records them as not usually being aggressive, twice when I have come across them they have rapidly approached me with flared necks (see third photo).

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