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Alpine Copperhead / Highland Copperhead

Austrelaps ramsayi

Alpine Copperhead Distribution Snake Flicking Tongue Snake Flicking Tongue
Image: 960×768 130KB EXIF
Date & Time: 3 April 2010 15:40
Place: Alpine National Park near Wulgulmerang, Victoria

Copperhead in Grass Copperhead in Grass
Image: 736×512 91KB EXIF
Date & Time: 26 January 2010 11:20
Place: Lake Catani, Mt Buffalo, Victoria

The Alpine (or Highland) Copperhead snake can be found in the mountainous region of south-eastern Australia. The species is fairly variable in color from pale brown to black — though most of the ones I photographed seemed to be a middle brown. They are similar in size and appearance to the Lowland Copperhead but have a lighter belly.

Although known to be a docile, these snakes are venomous (like most found in southern Australia), a bite can be potentially fatal to us humans.

In the summer of 2009/2010 I saw them several times, including on Mount Kosciuszko, as well as in the locations provided by the photos.

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