When I got my first camera the main thing I started photographing was orchids. At the time there was little information on the web so I began creating pages of what I was finding.

As I reside in the hills east of Melbourne I tend to spend most of my time in this area and the photos I have taken are therefore what lives here too. The majority of Victorian orchids are terrestrial (grow on the ground).

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My references include Field guide to the Orchids of New South Wales and Victoria (Tony Bishop, 2000) — which I originally found at my local library) — and Wild Orchids of Victoria Australia (Jeans & Backhouse, 2006). Other sources include the online links below.

The nomenclature of our orchids has in recent years seen considerable study and resulted in many suggested name changes. For example, spider-orchids were for a long time classed as Caladenia but a new genus Arachnorchis has been created for them. I have endeavoured to provide accurate identification but welcome corrections.

Hopefully by providing enough information, such as flowering time and plant size, it will help visitors like your to identify wild orchids too.

External Links

I share my photos and experiences in the usenet group (if your news provider - usually your ISP - does not carry this group please badger them to add it). I usually post here the same day I take the photos and update the site only once I have collected a significant collection from which to choose.

RetiredAussies has many orchids from Victoria including a Victorian Orchid Directory with photos of most species (I'm just a little jealous).

Banjorah showcases orchids and other flora from Cathy who travels around Victoria a little more than myself.

Terrestrial Orchids of South-West Australia is a site showcasing the photos of this other corner of Australia that is also a great place for terrestrial orchids.

Australian Natural Images is Chris Ross' site from Sydney, including his orchids.

Orchid Species Photographs showcases Eric Hunt's extensive photographs of orchids from shows he has attended and some trips he has been on.

The Chandlers Hill Parkcare Group have one of the best Friends web site I have come across containing comprehensive information on local flora and fauna. Chandler Hill is part of the Dandenong Ranges National Park, closest part from where I live.

The Friends of Baluk Willam Nature Conservation Reserve have a web site that shows some of the 70 species recorded there.

The Australasian Native Orchid Society (ANOS) in Victoria is "dedicated to the cultivation, conservation and scientific study of native orchids" and includes many references and links, such as local orchid groups. See also Australasian Native Orchid Society.

Parks Victoria manage most public parks in Victoria and their site has information on most of these including attractions, directions on how to get there and Friends groups.

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