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Red Fox

Vulpes Vulpes

Fox at Full Speed Distribution Fox at Full Speed
Image: 768x440, 111,666 bytes
Date & Time: 17 August 2002 12:51
Place: The Patch, Victoria

A Fox Stalking A Fox Stalking
Image: 640x400, 73,714 bytes
Date & Time: 25 March 2005 10:57
Place: Woodlands Historic Park

Ready To Pounce Ready To Pounce
Image: 640x480, 91,849 bytes
Date & Time: 25 March 2005 10:58
Place: Woodlands Historic Park

Fox with a Meal Fox with a Meal
Image: 640x400, 92,913 bytes
Date & Time: 25 March 2005 10:59
Place: Woodlands Historic Park
There are several disastrous introductions of foreign species to Australia and the European Red Fox is one of them. Introduced in 1845 for "sport" it rapidly spread across the continent and since 1917 covered most of the area shown on the distribution map. The problems foxes cause is preying on smaller native animals that were unaccustomed to such a cunning hunter. Apart from that, foxes are also scavengers and eat fruit, such as blackberries, when available.

Foxes are shy and usually nocturnal, particularly in suburbia. It might surprise many from large cities how many foxes are living right under their feet. These photos however were taken in the middle of the day. In the first image I caught the fox sunning itself. Once it noticed me however it scarpered quickly, giving me a nasty look as it left.

The other three photos are from inside a fenced area that was supposed to keep foxes out. It was a windy day and the fox was busy stalking prey so missed me stalking it. The last photo shows when it finally spotted me, after it caught it meal (plus some grass).

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