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Telephlebia brevicauda
Tramea loewii

Southern Evening Darner

Telephlebia brevicauda

Telephlebia brevicauda Distribution Male Telephlebia brevicauda Male Telephlebia brevicauda
Image: 560×480, 42KB
Date & Time: 7 February 2006 13:30
Location: Mount Buffalo

Female Telephlebia brevicauda Female Telephlebia brevicauda
Image: 640×512, 51KB
Date & Time: 28 January 2008 19:30
Place: Alpine National Park

Closeup of Southern Evening Darner Closeup of Southern Evening Darner
Image: 720×640, 104KB
Date & Time: 28 January 2008 19:30
Place: Alpine National Park

Telephlebia are a reasonably large but generally slender, mostly brown dragonflies genus. The only species recorded in Victoria is the Southern Evening Darner, where it can easily be identified from other species by the dark strip near the leading edges of the wings. As suggested by its common name, its most active around dusk and in the evening.

Its distribution ranges from the Otways in southern Victoria to the NSW border and is not uncommon. Telephlebia brevicauda can be found at most altitudes, usually in forested areas near running water.

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