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Adversaeschna brevistyla
Archaeosynthemis orientalis
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Austroaeschna flavomaculata
Austroaeschna inermis
Austroaeschna ingrid
Austroaeschna multipunctata
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Austroaeschna sigma
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Austrocordulia refracta
Austrogomphus amphiclitus
Austrogomphus australis
Austrogomphus cornutus
Austrogomphus guerini
Austrogomphus melaleucae
Austrogomphus ochraceus
Austropetalia tonyana
Austrothemis nigrescens
Cordulephya montana
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Crocothemis nigrifrons
Dendroaeschna conspersa
Diplacodes bipunctata
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Hemianax papuensis
Hemicordulia australiae
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Hemigomphus gouldii
Hemigomphus heteroclytus
Nannophlebia risi
Nannophya australis
Nannophya dalei
Notoaeschna sagittata
Orthetrum caledonicum
Orthetrum villosovittatum
Parasynthemis regina
Procordulia jacksoniensis
Spinaeschna tripunctata
Synthemis eustalacta
Telephlebia brevicauda
Tramea loewii

Southern Vicetail

Hemigomphus gouldii

Hemigomphus gouldii Distribution Hemigomphus gouldii Perched on River Rock Hemigomphus gouldii Perched on River Rock
Image: 640×480, 47KB
Date & Time: 4 January 2007 14:40
Place: Warrandyte State Park, Wonga Park

Female Southern Vicetail Dragonfly Perched on Vegetation Female Southern Vicetail Dragonfly Perched on Vegetation
Image: 720×558, 55KB
Date & Time: 30 January 2008 10:30
Place: Deddick River, Tubbut

Male Hemigomphus gouldii Appendages Male Hemigomphus gouldii Appendages
Image: 432×560, 55KB
Date & Time: 3 February 2007 9:30
Place: Yarra River, McMahons Creek
These are medium-sized dragonflies with yellow and black markings and green eyes. They are similar to most other Gomphids, such as Austrogomphus guerini, Austrogomphus ochraceus and Hemigomphus heteroclytus. Unlike A. guerini, H. gouldii does not have a yellow stripe along the top of the tail. Flight time is also a little more limited to mainly just summer in Victoria, although it appears earlier further north in NSW and Queensland.

This is a fairly common species but is not as widespread as Austrogomphus guerini, though it can be found in the same environs around rivers.

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