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Adversaeschna brevistyla
Archaeosynthemis orientalis
Austroaeschna atrata
Austroaeschna flavomaculata
Austroaeschna inermis
Austroaeschna ingrid
Austroaeschna multipunctata
Austroaeschna parvistigma
Austroaeschna pulchra
Austroaeschna sigma
Austroaeschna subapicalis
Austroaeschna unicornis
Austrocordulia refracta
Austrogomphus amphiclitus
Austrogomphus australis
Austrogomphus cornutus
Austrogomphus guerini
Austrogomphus melaleucae
Austrogomphus ochraceus
Austropetalia tonyana
Austrothemis nigrescens
Cordulephya montana
Cordulephya pygmaea
Crocothemis nigrifrons
Dendroaeschna conspersa
Diplacodes bipunctata
Diplacodes haematodes
Diplacodes melanopsis
Eusynthemis brevistyla
Eusynthemis guttata
Eusynthemis virgula
Hemianax papuensis
Hemicordulia australiae
Hemicordulia tau
Hemigomphus gouldii
Hemigomphus heteroclytus
Nannophlebia risi
Nannophya australis
Nannophya dalei
Notoaeschna sagittata
Orthetrum caledonicum
Orthetrum villosovittatum
Parasynthemis regina
Procordulia jacksoniensis
Spinaeschna tripunctata
Synthemis eustalacta
Telephlebia brevicauda
Tramea loewii

Jade Hunter

Austrogomphus ochraceus

Austrogomphus ochraceus Distribution Perched Jade Hunter Dragonfly Perched Jade Hunter Dragonfly
Image: 640×576, 59KB
Date & Time: 29 November 2006 13:00
Place: Warrandyte State Park, Wonga Park

Austrogomphus ochraceus Dragonfly Face Austrogomphus ochraceus Dragonfly Face
Image: 640×512, 63KB
Date & Time: 3 February 2007 14:35
Place: Woori Yallock

These are medium-sized dragonflies with yellow and black stripes, pale green and yellow eyes and mostly yellow face. Females have a slightly thicker tale but are very similar to the male otherwise.

When trying to identify them they can be confused with some of the other Gomphidae. Austrogomphus guerini has a thicker body and the yellow stripe on the upper side of the tail extends all its length. Austrogomphus ochraceus is very similar to Hemigomphus gouldii, which has more congested thorax markings and a less significant yellow line extending only a few segments along the abdomen from the thorax.

This species of dragonfly is reasonably common from the rivers east of Melbourne up the coast into southern Queensland, generally at lower altitudes. Flight times near Melbourne are during summer to mid autumn.

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