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Nososticta solida
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Pseudagrion microcephalum
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Synlestes weyersii
Xanthagrion erythroneurum

Orange Threadtail

Nososticta solida

Nososticta solida Distribution Male Nososticta solida Male Nososticta solida
Image: 736×432, 51KB
Date & Time: 31 January 2007 10:40
Place: Westerfolds Park, Doncaster

Female Nososticta solida Female Nososticta solida
Image: 640×480, 35KB
Date & Time: 29 December 2006 15:00
Place: Warrandyte State Park, Wonga Park

Orange Damselfly on Finger Orange Damselfly on Finger
Image: 640×360, 23KB
Date & Time: 29 December 2006 14:50
Place: Warrandyte State Park, Wonga Park

These are distinctive smaller damselflies, about 35mm long. They have a mostly black tail (abdomen) with some orange, thorax is orange underside and distinctly striped black with orange top. Eyes bicolor (black above and pale below) and face mostly black apart from an orange stripe (I have however noticed the stripe not present on all). There are also two pale dots on top of the head, between the eyes.

In Victoria they occur at lower altitudes during summer, though further north they can be seen flying in spring and autumn as well. They prefer to be around river banks with significant shrubby vegetation and trees. I've only seen them around slow sections of rivers.

Males and females are similarly colored, though the females are usually paler. This was however not the case for the one sitting on my finger (see third photo above), a vibrantly colored female that sat on my trigger finger making it difficult for me to photograph her.

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