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Griseargiolestes intermedius
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Synlestes weyersii
Xanthagrion erythroneurum

Alpine Flatwing

Griseargiolestes intermedius

Griseargiolestes intermedius Distribution Male Griseargiolestes intermedius Head and Thorax Male Griseargiolestes intermedius Head and Thorax
Image: 640×480, 50KB
Date & Time: 14 November 2007 13:45
Place: Yarra Ranges National Park

Male Griseargiolestes intermedius Male Griseargiolestes intermedius
Image: 512×512, 55KB
Date & Time: 7 December 2006 13:00
Place: Yarra Ranges National Park

This is a small damselfly with the mature male of the species being pruinose over the entire body. Eyes are dark above and pale below and it also has some yellowish lines on its thorax and marks on its tail. I've observed the males to be quite aggressive at guarding their territory, to the point of even chasing larger species like Austroargiolestes icteromelas.

It is quite rare but has been spotted near Warburton, which is as close to Melbourne as it is known. I have only seen a few males at the same location over several seasons, so am lucky to have at least some decent photos of them. It seems to favour boggy areas or shallow pools with significant submersed or aquatic vegetation. At lower altitudes in Victoria it appears to emerge early summer whilst at alpine altitudes it seems to emerge in mid summer.

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