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Australian Admiral
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Painted Lady, Australian
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Australian Painted Lady

Vanessa kershawi

Painted Lady Distribution Australian Painted Lady with Wings Open Australian Painted Lady with Wings Open
Image: 640x480, 94,555 bytes
Date & Time: 18 November 2001 11:41
Place: Lysterfield Lake Park

Butterfly near Orchid Butterfly near Orchid
Image: 1024x768, 150,930 bytes
Date & Time: 20 September 2003 16:20
Place: Chandlers Hill, Dandenong Ranges National Park
Although widespread across this land, I only get to see them occasionally. Usually they are just passing through the garden. Their striking pattern certainly does make them worthwhile sight.

The first photo was taken after some rain and the ground was wet; the butterfly was taking a rest or possibly drinking from the moist soil. In the last photo the butterfly rested itself nicely beside a Leopard Orchid. Unfortunately I wasn't able to get both in focus as the butterfly didn't stay around long enough for me.

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