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Common Brown Butterfly

Heteronympha merope merope

Common Brown Distribution Butterfly in Morning Sun Butterfly in Morning Sun
Image: 800x560, 108,372 bytes
Date & Time: 23 January 2005 07:31
Place: Doongalla Forest, Dandenong Ranges National Park

Female with Wings Open Female with Wings Open
Image: 1024x800, 211,153 bytes
Date & Time: 10 March 2003 10:19
Place: Lysterfield Lake Park

Female with Wings Closed Female with Wings Closed
Image: 640x512, 77,225 bytes
Date & Time: 13 April 2003 11:25
Place: Sherbrooke Forest, Dandenong Ranges National Park

Male Common Brown Butterfly Male Common Brown Butterfly
Image: (male) 1024x768, 184,017 bytes
Date & Time: 24 November 2001 15:38
Place: Olinda Forest, Dandenong Ranges National Park
As its name suggests, this is quite a common butterfly. Walking through the nearby forests in summer these rise up around one almost in clouds. At first I thought they were two different species, but the smaller ones tended to be attracted to the larger ones. Later I was able to confirm that this is indeed the female and male of the Common Brown.

The males are likely to fly around more, be more active in the shade and keep their wings open longer after landing. It is much harder to get a picture of the females with their wings open as they tend to close them as soon as they land. You can see from the second photo how different the females look with their wings closed and how well camouflaged they are.

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