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Australian Admiral
Brown, Common
Brown, Swordgrass
Meadow Argus
Painted Lady, Australian
Swallowtail, Dingy
Swallowtail, Macleay's


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Australian Admiral or Yellow Admiral

Vanessa itea

Vanessa itea Distribution Australian Admiral; Wings Open Australian Admiral; Wings Open
Image: 640x480, 76KB
Date & Time: 14 September 2005 10:15
Place: One Tree Hill Reserve, Christmas Hills

Australian Admiral; Wings Closed Australian Admiral; Wings Closed
Image: 720x600, 92KB
Date & Time: 3 January 2005 11:45
Place: Mount Donna Buang, Yarra Ranges National Park

This is a moderately common butterfly in southern Australia and can be found from low altitudes to alpine areas in summer, but tends to prefer wooded areas.

The upper insides of the wings are orange-brown, changing to black for the outside half which contains distinctive yellow areas. The outside of the wings are mostly mottled brown and grey giving excellent camouflage.

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