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External Links

Geoff Walker's website contains his photos of most butterfly species to be found in Australia.

The Chew family have a large selection of photos of Brisbane Butterflies.

The Museum of Victoria Butterfly Images Database has scientific description of all butterflies that appear in Victoria, including caterpillars.

The Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants has a section with information about Gardening for butterflies, particularly relating to Townsville.
Here are some photos of butterflies I have taken in the wild in my area. Don't forget to check out my Zoo photos for some pictures I took in their butterfly house.

In the past I have posted some of my photos in various places on the internet and sometimes people have replied thinking they were moths. Below are some differences between them that can help clear up any confusion.

Butterflies Moths
Mostly fly during the day Most fly at night or dusk
At rest the wings can be held vertically above the body At rest the wings are held flat or wrapped around the body
The antennae have a club, knob or hook at the end The antennae are varied and may be threadlike or feathered

The caterpillars of Australian native butterflies feed almost exclusively on native plants so there should not be any concern about damage they may cause to exotic plants in your garden. Butterflies will of course feed from the flowers of most plants.