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Brush Wattlebird

Anthochaera chrysoptera

Wattlebird in Flowers Brush Wattlebird Distribution Wattlebird in Flowers
Image: 1024x768, 173,935 bytes
Date & Time: 27 May 2002 13:56
Place: Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne
Wattlebird Feeding Vertically Wattlebird Feeding Vertically
Image: 720x608, 122,433 bytes
Date & Time: 11 September 2003 14:04
Place: Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne
Wattlebirds have adapted well to the new urban environs around Melbourne, with its exotic, introduced flowering plants. They feed primarily on nectar and insects but become tame enough to feed from picnic tables. Both these photos were taken in the city's Botanic Gardens - these birds are more used to close contact with humans than the ones in my yard so allowed me to get that little bit closer.

They have a distinctive, loud, squawking call and have often woken me in the morning with their carrying-on outside my bedroom window. To hear this sound listen to this audio file: WattlebirdB278088.mp3.

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