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Crimson Rosella

Platycercus elegans

Crimson Rosella Rosella Distribution View From Below
Image: 1024x768, 200,106 bytes
Date & Time: 2 May 2003 10:24
Place: Grants Picnic Area, Sherbrooke Forest, Dandenong Ranges National Park
Crimson Rosella face Close View
Image: 1024x768, 169,968 bytes
Date & Time: 6 February 2003 10:35
Place: Sherbrooke Picnic Ground, Dandenong Ranges National Park
Juvenile Crimson Rosella Juvenile Crimson Rosella
Image: 1024x560, 144,874 bytes
Date & Time: 6 February 2003 10:33
Place: Sherbrooke Picnic Ground, Dandenong Ranges National Park
Crimson Rosellas swarm around the picnic areas in the Dandenong Ranges as they know they will get a good feed from tourists. They will land on your outstretched hand eating seeds and fruit while clamped to your finger. They quite like seeds - sunflower seeds are however not good for most birds due to their high fat content. Tending to hold food in one claw means the other one needs to clamp on quite tightly to your hand. Your head and shoulders will also be common places on which they perch. The dominant birds will land on your head while the juveniles usually stay on the ground feeding on what has been dropped.

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