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Rainbow Lorikeet

Trichoglossus haematodus

Two Lorikeets on Willow Rainbow Lorikeet Distribution Two Lorikeets on Willow
Image: 800x640, 82,323 bytes
Date & Time: 25 April 2003 12:32
Place: Heidelberg on the Yarra
Rainbow Lorikeet in Flowering Gum Rainbow Lorikeet in Flowering Gum
Image: 680x440, 104,136 bytes
Date & Time: 30 January 2004 8:44
Place: Boronia
The aptly named Rainbow Lorikeets are fairly common down the east coast of Australia. With their green plumage on their back and wings, blue faces, red to yellow chest and blue leg feathers they certainly make for an attractive sight around parks and gardens. They do however make an uncomfortably loud screeching as they keep in touch with each other.

The first photo was taken along the banks of the Yarra River - I'm not sure why the birds let me get so close. I took the second photo on my way to work one morning. Having seen them in the tree the previous day I took my camera with me and got lucky.

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