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Purple Swamphen

Porphyro porphyro

Swamphen on Reeds Purple Swamphen Distribution Swamphen on Reeds
Image: 640x512, 89,083 bytes
Date & Time: 14 March 2004 11:10
Place: Birds Land Reserve, Belgrave South
Purple Swamphen Standing to Attention Purple Swamphen Standing to Attention
Image: 512x680, 53,374 bytes
Date & Time: 14 March 2004 11:12
Place: Birds Land Reserve, Belgrave South
Purple Swamphens are amongst the large of the relatively common inland water bird species. They inhabit ponds and the like and where these photos were taken they were a little more shy than other species, which is interesting because they are that little bit larger.

The more common subspecies is melanotus can be found in eastern northern Australia while the bellus of south-western Australia is paler in the blue/purple.

They walk with a characteristic flick of the tail, on grass or over reeds. I was able to get close to these birds as they are often fed by walkers. In the second photo the bird is standing on the bottom of the shallows near the edge of the lake.

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