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Australian King Parrot

Alisterus scapularis

King Parrot King Parrot Distribution King Parrot
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Date & Time: 11 April 2004 11:51
Place: Sherbrooke Forest
Towards the end of a morning walk in the forest I heard some unusual screeching and at first thought it was lyrebird trying to mimic a Crimson Rosella, a common bird in this forest. On closer inspection the noises came from up a tree where I saw this King Parrot chatting about 5 or 6 metres off the ground, looking at me with one eye as birds often do. I counted myself pretty lucky seeing this bird as I've only seen them a handful of times in my life.

I think it must have realized that at such a height and against a bright backround (looking at the sky through the trees) I would not get a good photo of it so it glided down to a lower branch now only about 2.5m off the ground. I approached cautiously, taking photos as I did, thinking it would fly away once I got too close.

Luckily for me, the parrot wasn't too fussed with me thrusting my lens in its face and sat there chatting away at me. I think its a juvenile - adult females have similar coloration while adult males have red heads. This is a full-frame image but it required flash as it was against the bright sky but I think it turned out pretty good.

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