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Eolophus (Cacatua) roseicapilla

Galah on Post Galah Distribution Galah on Post
Image: 1024x768, 107,812 bytes
Date & Time: 2 May 2003 10:25
Place: Grants Picnic Area, Sherbrooke Forest, Dandenong Ranges National Park
Two Galahs in Grass Two Galahs in Grass
Image: 800x560, 151,776 bytes
Date & Time: 9 June 2003 13:19
Place: Diamond Creek
This picnic area is frequented by many tourists and the Rosellas and other birds get hand fed resulting in them being very approachable. Galah is also a colloquial term used to describe an idiot or someone acting foolish. Although the origin of this term is uncertain, it is not a reflection of the bird's intelligence.

There are three races of Galah, with mine living south and east from central Australia. The distribution map on the right shows all three. It is also commonly misspelled as "gallah".

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