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Chestnut Teal

Anas Castanea

Chestnut Teal Distribution Chestnut Teal Stretching Chestnut Teal Stretching
Image: 640×360 94KB
Date & Time: 9 November 2006 8:30
Place: Braeside Park

Chestnut Teal Floating on Water Chestnut Teal Floating on Water
Image: 640×480 20KB
Date & Time: 27 April 2007 11:15
Place: Braeside Park

These are among the smallest duck-like birds and can be found along various coastal and fresh waters in southern Australia. Male similar to male Australian Shoveler and female could be confused with female Greay Teal or female Pacific Black Duck, but is smaller than both.

I like these cute, friendly birds that are accustomed to humans around local parks.

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