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Grey Butcherbird

Cracticus torquatus

Grey Butcherbird Distribution Butcherbird Sitting On Fence Butcherbird Sitting On Fence
Image: 768×560 59KB
Date & Time: 4 January 2006 16:45
Place: Birdsland Reserve, Belgrave South

Butcherbirds are quite common and have a distinctive carolling call. They are smaller than the more common Australian Magpie and have a distinctive hooked beak. Males and females are alike, pretty much for all four Butcherbird species. There are also four recognized races of the Grey Butcherbird, one in the Kimberley, one in the Northern Territory, one in Tasmania and the other covering much of central and southern mainland Australia.

Butcherbirds are meat-eating birds, feeding on the chicks of the nests of other birds and small vertebrates, such as skinks.

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