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Common Names

Crimson Rosella
King Parrot
Rainbow Lorikeet

Water Birds
Black Swan
Chestnut Teal
Dusky Moorhen
Eurasian Coot
Purple Swamphen

Brush Wattlebird
Crested Pigeon
Eastern Yellow Robin
Grey Butcherbird
Grey Faintail
Laughing Kookaburra
Spotted Pardalote
Superb Fairy Wren
Superb Lyrebird
Willie Wagtail


Class: Aves

Welcome to my bird photographs section. These animals are amongst the harder to take pictures of, for obvious reasons. Click on the bird name on the left to open a brief description on my experience with them as well as a distribution map (and of course some photos).

The main problem of shyness is however overcome where there regularly are lots of people, such as parks. Even if the birds aren't fed, they still tend to be less timid around people. Then there are birds that are hand fed in parks, such as Grants Picnic Area in Sherbrooke Forest (part of Dandenong Ranges National Park). Here tourists flock daily by the bus-load and stand with outstretched hands waiting for the birds to land on them.

Most of my photos are taken around Victoria, mainly eastern Melbourne, because that's where I spend most of my time.

Scientific Names

Alisterus scapularis
Anas castanea
Anthochaera chrysoptera
Cracticus torquatus
Cygnus atratus
Dacelo novaeguineae
Eolophus (Cacatua) roseicapilla
Eopsaltria australis
Fulica atra
Gallinula tenebrosa
Malurus cyaneus
Menura novaehollandiae
Ocyphaps (Geophaps) lophotes
Pardalotus punctatus
Platycercus elegans
Porphyro porphyro
Rhipidura fuliginosa
Rhipidura leucophrys
Trichoglossus haematodus

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