>/2015/11/15/fungus_RRfu5_Ada151115-7740.jpg|Ada Tree VIC, November 2015 >/2015/11/08/fungus_RRfu5_DonMine151108-5497.jpg|Blue Tier TAS, November 2015
Common Name= Phylum=Ascomycota Order=Helotiales Family=Sclerotiniaceae Abundance &
Distribution=Rare — I have only come across these twice: once in north-eastern Tasmania and once in the Yarra Ranges. Habitat &
Substrate=Grow on rotting branches of {Nothofagus cunninghamii} in cool temperate rainforest gullies usually soaking on wet ground. Description=Stalked disc fungi growing in scattered groups with a white inside and a beige outer with usually a short, tapered stipe. They are more volumous when wet and when drier appear as more typical disc fungi. Possibly a Neobulgaria or closely related species. Rating=
Overall: 5/9
Color: 0/3
Shape: 2/2
Abundance: 3/3