>/2015/09/27/fungus_RRfu4_Butterfield150927-4255.jpg|Emerald, September 2015 >/2015/06/26/fungus_RRfu4_Kallista150626-0737.jpg|Kallista, June 2016
Common Name= Phylum=Ascomycota Class=Leotiomycetes Order=?Helotiales Abundance &
Distribution=Rare — I have only found this fungus at Butterfield Reserve, near Emerald, and on the one log in Clematis Creek, near Kallista. Habitat &
Substrate=Have been found in wet sclerophyll forest and cool temperate rainforest on rotten logs. Description=These are peach-colored tack-like fungi that form large, scattered colonies on wet logs. The stipe is thin at the base and dark and fibrous but rapidly broadens and becomes paler to the undulating cap that grows to around 5mm in diameter. Rating=
Overall: 6/9
Color: 1/3
Shape: 2/2
Abundance: 3/3