>/2015/05/09/fungus_RRfu3_Sherbrooke150509-1080.jpg|Sherbrooke Forest, May 2015 >/2016/06/26/fungus_RRfu3_Blackwood160626-8321.jpg|Blackwood, June 2016
Common Name= Phylum=Basidiomycota Class=Agaricomycetes Abundance &
Distribution=Unknown because these are easily overlooked. Presumably not very common though. Habitat &
Substrate=Have been found in wet sclerophyll forest and cool temperate rainforest on fern bracts and wood. Description=These are white, simple (unbranched) clubs about 5mm long covered with tiny, white hairs. I have found them as individuals or in small, irregular groups. Rating=
Overall: 6/9
Color: 1/3
Shape: 2/2
Abundance: 3/3