Scutellinia scutellata

>/2014/11/08/fungus_Scutellinia_scutellata_Noojee141108-4869.jpg|Noojee, Nov 2014 >/2014/06/15/fungus_Scutellinia_scutellata_Kinglake140615-0504.jpg|Kinglake, Jun 2014 >/2014/06/21/fungus_Scutellinia_scutellata_Sherbrooke140621-0933.jpg|Bud, Sherbrooke Forest, Jun 2014
Common Name=Common Eyelash Fungus Family=Pyronemataceae Genus/Species=Scutellinia scutellata (L.) Lambotte Abundance &
Distribution=Common and widespread in wetter parts of eastern and southern Australia. Habitat &
Substrate=On rotten logs or wet ground. Description=Bright orange discs, typically 5–15mm diametrer, that hug the surface on which they are growing. The discs are fairly densely fringed with dark, fine hairs. They appear in colonies of a few to a few dozen and although usually fairly flat (slightly concave), when growing densely they may become convoluted. They can be found all year round after wet periods. Similar Species=These may be a complex of species or different to the overseas species for which this name is used in Australia. Links=ALA Links=Wikipedia Rating=
Overall: 6/9
Color: 3/3
Shape: 2/3
Abundance: 1/3