Scutellinia scutellata

Chlorovibrissea melanochlora Cordierites frondosa Cudoniella clavus Favolaschia calocera Heterotextus miltinus Leotia lubrica Mucronella pendula Mutinus boninensis Nidula emodensis Plectania campylospora Scutellinia scutellata Torrendiella clelandii Torrendiella eucalypti
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Source: ALA

Noojee, Nov 2014

Kinglake, Jun 2014

Bud, Sherbrooke Forest, Jun 2014
Common NameCommon Eyelash Fungus
Genus/SpeciesScutellinia scutellata (L.) Lambotte
Abundance &
Common and widespread in wetter parts of eastern and southern Australia.
Habitat &
On rotten logs or wet ground.
DescriptionBright orange discs, typically 5–15mm diametrer, that hug the surface on which they are growing. The discs are fairly densely fringed with dark, fine hairs. They appear in colonies of a few to a few dozen and although usually fairly flat (slightly concave), when growing densely they may become convoluted. They can be found all year round after wet periods.
Similar SpeciesThese may be a complex of species or different to the overseas species for which this name is used in Australia.
Overall: 6/9
Color: 3/3
Shape: 2/3
Abundance: 1/3

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