Plectania campylospora

Chlorovibrissea melanochlora Cordierites frondosa Cudoniella clavus Favolaschia calocera Heterotextus miltinus Leotia lubrica Mucronella pendula Mutinus boninensis Nidula emodensis Plectania campylospora Scutellinia scutellata Torrendiella clelandii Torrendiella eucalypti
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Source: ALA

Common NameBrown Forest Cup
Genus/SpeciesUrnula campylospora (Berkeley) Cooke 1892
SynonymPlectania campylospora (Berkeley) Nannfeldt 1957 [NB: I am still using this name, mainly for the distribution map.]
Abundance &
Common from Sydney to Melbourne and Tasmania.
Habitat &
Found on rotting logs in a variety of woodland habitats.
DescriptionThese have a relatively large, deep cup several centimetres across with a black, rough outer surface and smooth brown to almost black inner surface. They usually have a fairly short stem but this is often hidden in a bunched group. I visit a place near Woori Yallock about every year, where most of my photos are from. In 2015 I found several colonies in the Otways, including one individual that I measured at 65mm across.
Overall: 5/9
Color: 2/3
Shape: 2/3
Abundance: 1/3

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