Mutinus boninensis

Chlorovibrissea melanochlora Cordierites frondosa Cudoniella clavus Favolaschia calocera Heterotextus miltinus Leotia lubrica Mucronella pendula Mutinus boninensis Nidula emodensis Plectania campylospora Scutellinia scutellata Torrendiella clelandii Torrendiella eucalypti
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Sassafras Creek

Sassafras Creek
Common Namenone (a stinkhorn)
Genus/SpeciesMutinus boninensis Lloyd 1908
DescriptionThis is a stinkhorn with only a relatively mild odour. The white tubes grow out from an "egg" within several hours (probably about 5–10) to a length of about 10cm, with the last couple of of centimetres covered with a wet, brown spore mass that attracts flies. The similarly named Mutinus borneensis is also similar in appearance but my understanding is that these are different species.
Abundance &
Found along the east coast of Australia, probably including Tasmania. It is not very common and ALA is unfortunately missing this as a species (so the map link generates an error page).
Habitat &
They grow from rotten woody material.
ObservationsIn April 2017 there was a large, scattered colony growing in the litter of discarded Dicksonia antarctica (soft tree-fern) fronds. Although the eggs were visible for most of the time, they fully emerged only sporadically throughout the month as I visited them every few days. They collapsed after about 24 hours.
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Overall: 5/9
Color: 1/3
Shape: 2/3
Abundance: 2/3

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