Mucronella pendula

Chlorovibrissea melanochlora Cordierites frondosa Cudoniella clavus Favolaschia calocera Heterotextus miltinus Leotia lubrica Mucronella pendula Mutinus boninensis Nidula emodensis Plectania campylospora Scutellinia scutellata Torrendiella clelandii Torrendiella eucalypti
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Source: ALA

Close-up, Jun 2014

Yellow specimens, Jul 2013

Colony, Jun 2013
Common NameIcicle Fungus
Genus/SpeciesMucronella pendula (Massee) R.H.Petersen (1980)
Abundance &
HabitatFound in a variety of moist to wet forests.
SubstrateOn the underside of rotten logs (or the inside if logs are hollow)
DescriptionDistinctively tapered, white icicle-like fungus with smooth fruiting bodies to about 20mm hanging vertically from a short, minutely hairy stem. They become yellowish with age (the two images shown from 2013 are of the same specimens 18 days apart). I have only seen them locally relatively late in the fungus season (which peaks in May around Melbourne). I know one log in Kurth Kiln Regional Park where I have observed them almost every June since 2010, which is where all these featured photos were taken.
Overall: 7/9
Color: 2/3
Shape: 3/3
Abundance: 2/3

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