Heterotextus miltinus

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Common Name=Golden Jelly-bells Family=Dacrymycetaceae Genus/Species=Heterotextus miltinus (Berk.) McNabb 1965 Abundance &
Distribution=This is a fairly common species around Victoria in particular but seems quite widespread. Habitat &
Substrate=Found on wood, particularly rotten branches in a variety of habitats from alpine to semi-arid areas. Description & observations=These grow to about 5&ndash10cm but unfortunately I forgot to measure the ones in these photographs, which were near the upper end of that scale. They can apparently vary in hue from almost clear to dark orange. There is a very similar species {Heterotextus peziziformis}, which is generally a little smaller and they can only reliably be separated my microscopic examination. Links=Bill Leithhead's Fungi Pages Rating=
Overall: 5/9
Color: 2/3
Shape: 2/3
Abundance: 1/3