Favolaschia calocera

>/2014/05/14/fungus_Favolaschia_calocera_WooriYallock140514-9998.jpg|Woori Yallock, May 2014 >/2009/04/26/Favolaschia_calocera_Kallista090426-5495.jpg|Kallista, Apr 2009 >/2015/01/24/fungus_Favolaschia_calocera_Belgrave150124-2941.jpg|Belgrave, Jan 2015
Common Name="Orange pore fungus" or "Orange ping pong bats" Family=Mycenaceae Genus/Species=Favolaschia calocera R. Heim (1945) Abundance &
Distribution=Common around Melbourne and also found around Brisbane. First recorded in Australia around 2004, it is going to be increasingly common along the east coast. Habitat &
Substrate=Occurs mostly in wetter forests on logs and fallen branches (not necessarily on the ground). Description=Can form large, dense colonies of bright orange disks (typically 10–20mm across), with a short stalk (about 5mm long). Each fruiting body has an uneven upper surface corresponding to the prominent pores underneath. Similar Species=There are no similarly shaped, bright orange fungi with pores. Links=ALA Links=fungimap Links=Wikipedia Rating=
Overall: 5/9
Color: 3/3
Shape: 2/3
Abundance: 0/3