Cordierites frondosa

>/2015/06/05/fungus_Cordierites_frondosa_Drummer150605-4006.jpg|Drummer Rainforest Walk, Cann River, VIC >/2015/06/26/fungus_Cordierites_frondosa_Sherbrooke150626-0741.jpg|Sherbrooke Forest, VIC
Common Name= Family=Helotiaceae Genus/Species=Cordierites frondosa (Kobayasi, 1939) Korf (1971) Abundance=Rare (at least in Australia) but easily overlooked due to its similarity in appearance to lichen. Distribution=It has been recorded a few times in the south-east of the country. Also found in other regions of the world but I am unable to find reasonable information online. Habitat=Probably restricted to wet sclerophyll forests to rainforests. Substrate=Found on wood. I have seen it on fairly fresh {Eucalyptus regnans} as well as an old, mossy log (as seen in the photos). Description=Black, convoluted, papery fruiting bodies around 5cm across form on the upper side of logs. Can appear as individuals or a scattered colony. Observations= Links= Rating=
Overall: 7/9
Color: 1/3
Shape: 3/3
Abundance: 3/3