Chlorovibrissea melanochlora

Chlorovibrissea melanochlora Cordierites frondosa Cudoniella clavus Favolaschia calocera Heterotextus miltinus Leotia lubrica Mucronella pendula Mutinus boninensis Nidula emodensis Plectania campylospora Scutellinia scutellata Torrendiella clelandii Torrendiella eucalypti
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Source: ALA

Common Name(none)
Genus/SpeciesChlorovibrissea melanochlora (G.W. Beaton & Weste) L.M. Kohn 1989
Abundance &
HabitatFound in gullies of wet forests.
SubstrateOn very old logs, probably mostly Eucalyptus.
These produce thin, finely textured stalks around 20mm high with a relatively large, deformed, spherical head around 5mm in diameter. The enrie fruiting body is an olive-green color with the sporiferous head often being slightly paler, particularly as the fungus matures. They form dense patches and the whole colony can stretch for metres along a log. I have found this species only once (along Sassafras Creek in the Dandenongs) where it was growing on a disintegrating log under soft tree-fern Dicksonia antarctica.
Overall: 7/9
Color: 2/3
Shape: 2/3
Abundance: 3/3

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