Mycena roseoflava

Amanita muscaria Amanita xanthocephala Cruentomycena viscidocruenta Cyptotrama aspratum Marasmius cylindraceocampanulatus Mycena austrororida Mycena epipterygia Mycena interrupta Mycena lazulina Mycena roseoflava
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Sherbrooke Forest, VIC

Sherbrooke Forest, VIC
Common NameRosy Mycena
Genus/SpeciesMycena roseoflava Mycena roseoflava G. Stevenson (1964)
SynonymInsiticia roseoflava (G. Stev.) E. Horak (1971)
Abundance &
Rare in Australia, known only from a few records in southern Victoria and more in Tasmania. Also occurs in New Zealand where it apparently is quite common (from where it was described).
SubstrateFound on not very old logs, where it usually grows on the side or upper surface, and on fallen branches and twigs.
DescriptionCaps are usually pink but sometimes yellow and to around 5mm in diameter less, although the largest I have measured is 9.5mm. They have a relatively short stem that is not thin or smooth. Gills and stem are usually paler than the cap and more frequently yellowish.
ObservationsI have come across these growing on the smooth bark of fallen Eucalyptus regnans (mountain ash) in Sherbrooke Forest (Dandenong Ranges National Park) and similarly on some logs of Eucalyptus viminalis (manna gum) at Lake Elizabeth (Great Otway National Park).

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