Mycena epipterygia

>/2012/05/17/fungus_Mycena_aff_epipterygia_Warburton120517-5823.jpg|Warburton, May 2012 >/2014/05/14/fungus_Mycena_epipterygia_Warburton140514-0091.jpg|Warburton, May 2014 >/2014/05/25/fungus_Mycena_aff_epipterygia_AdaTree150525-9175.jpg|Yarra Ranges, May 2014
Common Name=Yellowleg Bonnet Family=Mycenaceae Genus/Species=Mycena aff. epipterygia (Scop.) Gray Habitat=Found in wet forests or sheltered under ferns in drier forests. Abundance &
Distribution=Common in forests of Victoria and Tasmania. Substrate=Found logs and branches, often off the ground amongst moss, or among leaf litter on the ground. I have seen it on Sequoiadendron branches (in the Otways) so it does not limit itself to natives. Description=The caps of this mushroom grow to around 10–15mm across and is often less brightly colored than the stem, which can be glutinous. I have only encountered species with a yellow stem, although this apparently can vary and Fuhrer 2005 pictures a green form (although that might be bad flash coloration). This is not considered to be true Mycena epipterygia, which is common in western Europe, but a group of related Australian species. Some specimens apparently exude a cucumber-like smell when warmed in the hand although I have barely noticed this.