Mycena austrororida

>/2014/05/14/fungus_Mycena_austrororida_Warburton140514-0045.jpg|Warburton, May 2014 >/2014/05/14/fungus_Mycena_austrororida_Warburton140514-0039.jpg|Large colony, Warburton, May 2014 >/2012/05/22/fungus_Mycena_austrororida_Silvan120522-6445.jpg|Silvan, May 2012
Common Name=Austral Dripping Bonnet Family=Mycenaceae Genus/Species=Mycena austrororida Singer (1962) Synonyms=Roridomyces austrororidus Rexer (1994), Mycena veronicae Stevenson (1964) Roridomyces should be the accepted genus. Abundance &
Distribution=Common in wet Eucalypt forests of Victoria and Tasmania. Substrate=Form clustered colonies on logs and branches, often with moss. Description=Caps are typically 10–15mm and appear light brown with minute, brown like scales that appear as dots when viewed up close but give the cap a darker apeparance. Gills are white and stipe (stem) is usually longer than cap and covered with clear, slimy mucus. Similar Species=There are no similarly glutinous species on logs and branches. Links=ALA Links=fungimap Links=Wikipedia