Marasmius cylindraceocampanulatus

>/2015/05/10/fungus_Marasmius_cylindraceocampanulatus_MtWorth150510-1358.jpg|Mount Worth State Park, May 2015 >/2014/07/13/fungus_Marasmius_cylindraceocampanulatus_BadgerWeir140713-0341.jpg|Badger Creek, Jul 2014 >/2015/03/07/fungus_Marasmius_cylindraceocampanulatus_Sherbrooke150307-6818.jpg|Colony in Sherbrooke Forest, Mar 2015
Common Name=(none) Family=Marasmiaceae Genus/Species=Marasmius cylindraceocampanulatus Henn. 1900 [Hennings, P. C. 1899] Abundance=Uncommon but easily overlooked. Distribution=In Australia it is known only from southern Victoria and Tasmania (but also occurs in New Zealand). Substrate=Usually grows on living and decaying tree-fern trunks. Description=These are bown with a uniquely shaped, cylindrical, striate cap about 5mm high and the gills are usually paler. I have seen them growing on trunks of living rough tree-fern {Cyathia australis} and soft tree-fern {Dicksonia antarctica} as well as the remnants of fallen tree-fern trunks.