Amanita xanthocephala

Amanita muscaria Amanita xanthocephala Cruentomycena viscidocruenta Cyptotrama aspratum Marasmius cylindraceocampanulatus Mycena austrororida Mycena epipterygia Mycena interrupta Mycena lazulina Mycena roseoflava
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Source: ALA

Emerging bud, Christmas Hills, September 2009

Bunyip State Park, May 2007

Christmas Hills, June 2008
Common Name"Vermilion Grisette", "Vermilion Amanita" or "Pretty Grisette"
Genus/SpeciesAmanita xanthocephala (Berk.) D.A.Reid & R.N.Hilton
Abundance &
Common south from Sydney including most of Victoria, Tasmania and south-west Western Australia.
HabitatFound in a variety of native forests (forms a symbiotic relationship with Eucalupts).
SubstrateAmongst leaf litter.
DescriptionSmall to medium Amanita with orange-red cap emerging as a spherical buttons flattening with age. Pale, felty veil remnants remain attached to top of cap for much of its life, although it can readily be washed or rubbed off. Cap are usually 2-3cm across, though I've seen one at 5cm. Gills are white and stems are white or pale yellow/orange.
Similar SpeciesThe ring/skirt usually absent, helping to identify it from the introduced Amanita muscaria.

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