Amanita muscaria

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Common Name="Fly Agaric" or "Fly Amanita" Family=Amanitaceae Genus/Species=Amanita muscaria (L.) Lam. (1783) Abundance &
Distribution=Common from Sydney to west of Melbourne and in Tasmania. Habitat=Found in a variety of native and exotic forests including parks and gardens. Substrate=On ground amonst leaf litter. Description=Large, distinctive mushroom with bright red cap usually covered with many warty spots. Gills and stem are white and has a "skirt" at the top of the stem. This is an exotic species in Australia and most often encountered around introduced trees, such as pine plantations. Similar Species=Superficially similar to {Amanita xanthocephala}, which is smaller, has less prominent spots and lacks the skirt/ring. Links=ALA Links=fungimap Links=Wikipedia