Gilled Fungus

This groups is contains what are commonly referred to as toadstools or mushrooms (there is no technicall distinction between the two terms) and contains many ubiquitous, common, grey-brown LBM's (Little Brown Mushrooms). With indistinct features they are often difficult to identify, at least for an amateur like myself. Here I've featured more interesting ones, which includes several Mycenaceae, a diverse and colorful family.
Amanita muscaria 11-May-2015 20:22   1.32 KB
Amanita xanthocephala 11-May-2015 15:31   1.53 KB
Cruentomycena viscidocruenta 23-May-2016 17:30   1.75 KB
Cyptotrama aspratum 01-Mar-2015 11:32   1.65 KB
Marasmius cylindraceocampanulatus 11-May-2015 15:30   1.05 KB
Mycena austrororida 26-May-2016 16:39   1.37 KB
Mycena epipterygia 26-May-2016 16:37   1.35 KB
Mycena interrupta 01-Mar-2015 11:33   1.59 KB
Mycena lazulina 14-Aug-2016 20:56   1.5 KB
Mycena roseoflava 08-Jun-2016 18:49   1.33 KB

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