Snakes: Notechis scutatus

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Common Name="Tiger Snake" or "Mainland Tiger Snake" Family=Elapidae Genus/Species=Notechis scutatus Peters, 1861 Abundance &
Distribution=Common from Brisbane to Adelaide and also around Perth and Tasmania. There are different forms, sometimes considered distinct species and/or subspecies, my experiences are all with the "mainland" or "eastern" tiger-snake. Habitat=Usually found near water, where they often have territories, from the coast inland. Description=These are large, venomous snakes that can grow to around 2m in length and vary greatly in coloration. They are often banded, like its name-sake, the tiger. Behaviour &
Observations=These snakes are active during warm days where they can be observed hunting in grassland. When encountered I have found they will usually initially keep still, relying on their camouflage, or flee immediately. If approached too close they may feign attack, hissing, before fleeing rapidly. I regularly find them basking on roads where it is sometimes easiest to photograph them. Links=Museum Victoria Links=Wikipedia