Snakes: Notechis scutatus

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Common Name"Tiger Snake" or "Mainland Tiger Snake"
Genus/SpeciesNotechis scutatus Peters, 1861
Abundance &
Common from Brisbane to Adelaide and also around Perth and Tasmania. There are different forms, sometimes considered distinct species and/or subspecies, my experiences are all with the "mainland" or "eastern" tiger-snake.
HabitatUsually found near water, where they often have territories, from the coast inland.
DescriptionThese are large, venomous snakes that can grow to around 2m in length and vary greatly in coloration. They are often banded, like its name-sake, the tiger.
Behaviour &
These snakes are active during warm days where they can be observed hunting in grassland. When encountered I have found they will usually initially keep still, relying on their camouflage, or flee immediately. If approached too close they may feign attack, hissing, before fleeing rapidly. I regularly find them basking on roads where it is sometimes easiest to photograph them.
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