Lizards: Intellagama lesueurii

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Source: ALA

I. l. lesueurii, Blue Mountains, NSW

I. l. howitti, Coopracambra NP, VIC

I. l. lesueurii, Blue Mountains, NSW

I. l. howitti, east Gippsland, VIC

Juvenile, Mitchell River NP, VIC
Common NameAustralian Water Dragon
FamilyAgamidae (dragon lizards)
Genus/SpeciesIntellagama lesueurii lesueurii (J.E. Gray, 1831) (formerly Physignathus lesueurii)
SubspeciesI. l. lesueurii (J.E. Gray, 1831) "Eastern Water Dragon"
I. l. howitti (McCoy, 1884) "Gippsland Water Dragon"
Abundance &
I. l. lesueurii is common from Cairns to Wollongong while I. l. howitti is common from there to near Melbourne.
HabitatFound mostly near creeks and rivers in forested areas.
DescriptionThese are large lizards growing to an overall length of almost a metre, although females are a little smaller. They are a greenish or grey in color with darker bands but the throats are paler and can be quite colorful for males. They have long legs and a very long tail as well as a row of spines along the top of the neck and tail. Mature I. l. lesueurii have a dark band behind the eye separating them from I. l. howitti.
Behaviour &
Although they can adapt to regular human presence, in the wild they are very shy and often the first I notice them is when they drop into water to flee. They are good climbers and swimmers and like basking on rocks and logs near the edge of water. Their diet includes dragonflies, so I have a love-hate relationship with them.

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