Snakes: Drysdalia coronoides

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Source: ALA

Otways, Dec 2012

Wilsons Promontory, Feb 2014

Wilsons Promontory, Feb 2014
Common NameWhite-lipped Snake
Genus/SpeciesDrysdalia coronoides (GŁnther, 1858)
Abundance &
Common from Sydney along southern Victoria in to South Australia and Tasmania.
HabitatOccur in forested habitats.
DescriptionThese are small snakes (no longer than 50cm) usually with a mostly grey appearance although this shade can vary. The side of the head features a distinctive pale line along the upper lip.
Behaviour &
These snakes feed mostly on live skinks so are not often kept by reptile enthusiasts. They are generally shy and unlikely to bite humans. In the first photo I observed it coming down a shady bank then swimming across a creek where it rested for a few minutes on a boulder in the middle of the water before finishing its crossing and appearing to go off hunting.
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