Lizards: Christinus marmoratus

Lizards Christinus marmoratus Intellagama lesueurii Tiliqua nigrolutea Snakes Austrelaps superbus Drysdalia coronoides Notechis scutatus
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Source: ALA

Common NameMarbled Gecko
FamilyGekkonidae (Geckos)
Genus/SpeciesChristinus marmoratus (J.E. Gray, 1845)
Abundance &
Common in semi-arid country of southern mainland Australia from Melbourne to Perth.
HabitatFound in a variety of woodland habitats and well adapted to urbanisation (they may appear around dwellings).
DescriptionThese lizards have a mottled appearance all-over, including the eys, and grow to about 8cm long.
Behaviour &
Like most (if not all) geckos, they are nocturnal and can only be found during the day in their hidouts, such as under rocks. In these retreats they often congregate in small groups. They hunt at night for insects and other small arthropods.

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