Snakes: Austrelaps superbus

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Common Name="Lowland Copperhead" or "Common Copperhead" Family=Elapidae Genus/Species=Austrelaps superbus (GŁnther, 1858) Abundance &
Distribution=Common from Gippsland in Victoria to south-eastern South Australia but also found up to Sydney and in Tasmania. Habitat=Usually found near water, where hunt frogs, lizards and other small vertebrates. Description=These are medium too large, venomous snakes that can grow to around 1.5m and vary considerably in coloration, however quite evenly with a dark upper surface and pale belly. Behaviour &
Observations=These are generally amongst the most docile snakes I encounter and tend to be quite approachable. Like all snakes, they don't have eyelids (just a thin, transparent layer of skin) so I would suspect having grains of sand on them (like in the first photo) would be uncomfortable. Links=Museum Victoria