Snakes: Austrelaps superbus

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Source: ALA

Common Name"Lowland Copperhead" or "Common Copperhead"
Genus/SpeciesAustrelaps superbus (GŁnther, 1858)
Abundance &
Common from Gippsland in Victoria to south-eastern South Australia but also found up to Sydney and in Tasmania.
HabitatUsually found near water, where hunt frogs, lizards and other small vertebrates.
DescriptionThese are medium too large, venomous snakes that can grow to around 1.5m and vary considerably in coloration, however quite evenly with a dark upper surface and pale belly.
Behaviour &
These are generally amongst the most docile snakes I encounter and tend to be quite approachable. Like all snakes, they don't have eyelids (just a thin, transparent layer of skin) so I would suspect having grains of sand on them (like in the first photo) would be uncomfortable.
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