Australia is known around the world for its lizard diversity and I frequently encounter some when out in the bush, although mostly these are small skinks scurrying away in the undergrowth. We also have a lot of interesting snakes, although these are less often encountered and are generally more flighty anyway. The snake species in Victoria are typically not aggressive and half the time will sit there hoping you don't see them or, if they see you early enough, flee before you even spot them. In most of my travels I encounter few turtles and no crocodiles (in southern Australia), which is why there are few of these on my site. old reptiles and amphibians page.
Austrelaps superbus 23-Apr-2015 20:17   1.4 KB
Christinus marmoratus 22-Apr-2015 23:16   1.2 KB
Drysdalia coronoides 23-Apr-2015 20:41   1.51 KB
Intellagama lesueurii 25-Apr-2015 23:19   2.19 KB
Notechis scutatus 23-Apr-2015 20:17   1.55 KB
Tiliqua nigrolutea 22-Apr-2015 22:56   2.15 KB

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