List of Odonata Found in Australia

Here is a list of all species damselfly and dragonfly recorded in Australia. With the possible exception of an intermediate Synthemis species from the Glenelg River catchment, all known Australian odonata have been scientifically described (named). Where I have provided detailed information pages there are links available.
SuborderZygoptera (Damselflies)
SpeciesAustrolestes aleison Western Ringtail
Austrolestes analis Slender Ringtail
Austrolestes annulosus Blue Ringtail
Austrolestes aridus Inland Ringtail
Austrolestes cingulatus Metallic Ringtail
Austrolestes insularis Northern Ringtail
Austrolestes io Iota Ringtail
Austrolestes leda Wandering Ringtail
Austrolestes minjerriba Dune Ringtail
Austrolestes psyche Cup Ringtail
SpeciesIndolestes alleni Small Reedling
Indolestes obiri Cave Reedling
Indolestes tenuissimus Slender Reedling
SpeciesLestes concinnus Dusky Spreadwing
SpeciesHemiphlebia mirabilis Ancient Greenling
SpeciesChorismagrion risi Pretty Relict
SpeciesEpisynlestes albicauda Southern Whitetip
Episynlestes cristatus Tropical Whitetip
Episynlestes intermedius Intermediate Whitetip
SpeciesSynlestes selysi Forest Needle
Synlestes tropicus Tropical Needle
Synlestes weyersii Bronze Needle  
FamilyMegapodagrionidae Flatwings
SpeciesArchiargiolestes parvulus Midget Flatwing
Archiargiolestes pusillissimus Tiny Flatwing
Archiargiolestes pusillus Little Flatwing
SpeciesAustroargiolestes alpinus New England Flatwing
Austroargiolestes amabilis Flame Flatwing
Austroargiolestes aureus Tropical Flatwing
Austroargiolestes brookhousei Barrington Flatwing
Austroargiolestes calcaris Powdered Flatwing
Austroargiolestes christine Milky Flatwing
Austroargiolestes chrysoides Golden Flatwing
Austroargiolestes elke Azure Flatwing
Austroargiolestes icteromelas Common Flatwing
Austroargiolestes isabellae Sydney Flatwing
SpeciesGriseargiolestes albescens Coastal Flatwing
Griseargiolestes bucki Turquoise Flatwing
Griseargiolestes eboracus Grey-Chested Flatwing
Griseargiolestes fontanus Springs Flatwing
Griseargiolestes griseus Grey Flatwing
Griseargiolestes intermedius Alpine Flatwing
Griseargiolestes metallicus Metallic Flatwing
SpeciesMiniargiolestes minimus Stream Flatwing
SpeciesPodopteryx selysi Treehole Flatwing
SpeciesRhinocypha tincta semitincta Papuan Jewel  
SpeciesNeurobasis australis Papuan Demoiselle
SpeciesLestoidea barbarae Large Bluestreak
Lestoidea brevicauda Short-Tipped Bluestreak
Lestoidea conjuncta Common Bluestreak
Lestoidea lewisiana Mount Lewis Bluestreak  
SpeciesDiphlebia coerulescens Sapphire Rockmaster
Diphlebia euphoeoides Tropical Rockmaster
Diphlebia hybridoides Giant Rockmaster
Diphlebia lestoides Whitewater Rockmaster
Diphlebia nymphoides Arrowhead Rockmaster  
SpeciesAustrosticta fieldi Northern Pondsitter
Austrosticta frater Eastern Pondsitter
Austrosticta soror Kimberley Pondsitter
SpeciesEurysticta coolawanyah Pilbara Pin
Eurysticta coomalie Coomalie Pin
Eurysticta kununurra Kimberley Pin
Eurysticta reevesi Queensland Pin
SpeciesLabidiosticta vallisi Large Wiretail
SpeciesLithosticta macra Rock Narrow-Wing
SpeciesNeosticta canescens Southern Pinfly
Neosticta fraseri Tropical Pinfly
Neosticta silvarum Forest Pinfly
SpeciesOristicta filicicola Slender Wiretail
SpeciesRhadinosticta banksi Northern Wiretail
Rhadinosticta simplex Powdered Wiretail
SpeciesNososticta baroalba Black-Winged Threadtail
Nososticta coelestina Green-Blue Threadtail
Nososticta fraterna Northern Threadtail
Nososticta kalumburu Spot-Winged Threadtail
Nososticta koolpinyah Koolpinyah Threadtail
Nososticta koongarra Citrine Threadtail
Nososticta liveringa Malachite Threadtail
Nososticta mouldsi Striped Threadtail
Nososticta pilbara Pilbara Threadtail
Nososticta solida Orange Threadtail
Nososticta solitaria Fivespot Threadtail
Nososticta taracumbi Melville Island Threadtail
SpeciesAciagrion fragile Blue Slim
SpeciesAgriocnemis argentea Silver Wisp
Agriocnemis dobsoni Tropical Wisp
Agriocnemis femina Pinhead Wisp
Agriocnemis kunjina Pilbara Wisp
Agriocnemis pygmaea Pygmy Wisp
Agriocnemis rubricauda Red-Rumped Wisp
SpeciesArchibasis mimetes Blue-Banded Longtail
SpeciesArgiocnemis rubescens Red-Tipped Shadefly
SpeciesAustroagrion cyane South-Western Billabongfly
Austroagrion exclamationis Northern Billabongfly
Austroagrion pindrina Pilbara Billabongfly
Austroagrion watsoni Eastern Billabongfly
SpeciesAustrocnemis maccullochi Tiny Longlegs
Austrocnemis obscura Kimberley Longlegs
Austrocnemis splendida Splendid Longlegs
SpeciesCaliagrion billinghursti Large Riverdamsel
Ceriagrion aeruginosum Redtail
SpeciesCoenagrion lyelli Swamp Bluet
SpeciesIschnura aurora Aurora Bluetail
Ischnura heterosticta Common Bluetail
Ischnura pruinescens Colourful Bluetail
SpeciesPseudagrion aureofrons Gold-Fronted Riverdamsel
Pseudagrion cingillum Northern Riverdamsel
Pseudagrion ignifer Flame-Headed Riverdamsel
Pseudagrion jedda Dusky Riverdamsel
Pseudagrion lucifer Citrine-Headed Riverdamsel
Pseudagrion microcephalum Blue Riverdamsel
SpeciesTeinobasis rufithorax Red-Breasted Longtail
SpeciesXanthagrion erythroneurum Red & Blue Damsel
SuborderAnisoptera (Dragonflies)
SpeciesArchipetalia auriculata Tasmanian Redspot
SpeciesAustropetalia patricia Waterfall Redspot
Austropetalia tonyana Alpine Redspot  
SpeciesAdversaeschna brevistyla Blue-Spotted Hawker
Agyrtacantha dirupta Trifid Duskhawker
Anaciaeschna jaspidea Australasian Duskhawker
Anax georgius Kimberley Emperor
Anax gibbosulus Green Emperor
Anax guttatus Lesser Green Emperor
Anax papuensis Australian Emperor
Austrogynacantha heterogena Australian Duskhawker
Gynacantha dobsoni Lesser Duskhawker
Gynacantha kirbyi Slender Duskhawker
Gynacantha mocsaryi Paddle-Tipped Duskhawker
Gynacantha nourlangie Cave Duskhawker
Gynacantha rosenbergi Grey Duskhawker
SpeciesDendroaeschna conspersa Wide-Faced Darner  
SpeciesAcanthaeschna victoria Thylacine Darner
Antipodophlebia asthenes Terrestrial Evening Darner
SpeciesAustroaeschna anacantha Western Darner
Austroaeschna atrata Mountain Darner
Austroaeschna christine S-Spot Darner
Austroaeschna cooloola Wallum Darner
Austroaeschna eungella Eungella Darner
Austroaeschna flavomaculata Alpine Darner
Austroaeschna hardyi Lesser Tasmanian Darner
Austroaeschna inermis Whitewater Darner
Austroaeschna ingrid Grampian Darner
Austroaeschna muelleri Carnarvon Darner
Austroaeschna multipunctata Multi-Spotted Darner
Austroaeschna obscura Sydney Mountain Darner
Austroaeschna parvistigma Swamp Darner
Austroaeschna pinheyi Inland Darner
Austroaeschna pulchra Forest Darner
Austroaeschna sigma Sigma Darner
Austroaeschna speciosa Tropical Unicorn Darner
Austroaeschna subapicalis Conehead Darner
Austroaeschna tasmanica Tasmanian Darner
Austroaeschna unicornis Unicorn Darner
Austrophlebia costalis Southern Giant Darner
Austrophlebia subcostalis Northern Giant Darner
Dromaeschna forcipata Green-Striped Darner
Dromaeschna weiskei Ochre-Tipped Darner
Notoaeschna geminata Northern Riffle Darner
Notoaeschna sagittata Southern Riffle Darner
Spinaeschna tripunctata Southern Cascade Darner
Spinaeschna watsoni Tropical Cascade Darner
Telephlebia brevicauda Southern Evening Darner
Telephlebia cyclops Northern Evening Darner
Telephlebia godeffroyi Eastern Evening Darner
Telephlebia tillyardi Tropical Evening Darner
Telephlebia tryoni Coastal Evening Darner
Telephlebia undia Carnarvon Evening Darner
SpeciesIctinogomphus australis Australian Tiger
Ictinogomphus dobsoni Pilbara Tiger
Ictinogomphus paulini Cape York Tiger
SpeciesAntipodogomphus acolythus Southern Dragon
Antipodogomphus dentosus Top End Dragon
Antipodogomphus edentulus Cape York Dragon
Antipodogomphus hodgkini Pilbara Dragon
Antipodogomphus neophytus Northern Dragon
Antipodogomphus proselythus Spinehead Dragon
Armagomphus armiger Armourtail
Austroepigomphus gordoni Western Red Hunter
Austroepigomphus praeruptus Twinspot Hunter
Austroepigomphus turneri Flame-Tipped Hunter
Austrogomphus amphiclitus Pale Hunter
Austrogomphus angelorum Murray River Hunter
Austrogomphus arbustorum Toothed Hunter
Austrogomphus australis Inland Hunter
Austrogomphus bifurcatus Dark Hunter
Austrogomphus collaris Western Inland Hunter
Austrogomphus cornutus Unicorn Hunter
Austrogomphus divaricatus Fork Hunter
Austrogomphus doddi Northern River Hunter
Austrogomphus guerini Yellow-Striped Hunter
Austrogomphus mjobergi Pimple-Headed Hunter
Austrogomphus mouldsorum Kimberley Hunter
Austrogomphus ochraceus Jade Hunter
Austrogomphus prasinus Lemon-Tipped Hunter
Austrogomphus pusillus Tiny Hunter
Hemigomphus atratus Black Vicetail
Hemigomphus comitatus Zebra Vicetail
Hemigomphus cooloola Wallum Vicetail
Hemigomphus gouldii Southern Vicetail
Hemigomphus heteroclytus Stout Vicetail
Hemigomphus magela Kakadu Vicetail
Hemigomphus theischingeri Rainforest Vicetail
Odontogomphus donnellyi Pinchtail
Zephyrogomphus lateralis Lilac Hunter
Zephyrogomphus longipositor Rainforest Hunter
SpeciesPetalura gigantea South-Eastern Petaltail
Petalura hesperia Western Petaltail
Petalura ingentissima Giant Petaltail
Petalura litorea Coastal Petaltail
Petalura pulcherrima Beautiful Petaltail
SpeciesArchaeosynthemis leachii Twinspot Tigertail
Archaeosynthemis occidentalis Western Brown Tigertail
Archaeosynthemis orientalis Eastern Brown Tigertail
Archaeosynthemis spiniger Spiny Tigertail
Austrosynthemis cyanitincta Turquoise Tigertail
Choristhemis flavoterminata Yellow-Tipped Tigertail
Choristhemis olivei Delicate Tigertail
Eusynthemis aurolineata Variable Tigertail
Eusynthemis barbarae Mount Lewis Tigertail
Eusynthemis brevistyla Small Tigertail
Eusynthemis deniseae Carnavon Tigertail
Eusynthemis guttata Southern Tigertail
Eusynthemis netta Pretty Tigertail
Eusynthemis nigra Black Tigertail
Eusynthemis rentziana Swift Tigertail
Eusynthemis tenera Rainforest Tigertail
Eusynthemis tillyardi Mountain Tigertail
Eusynthemis ursa Barrington Tigertail
Eusynthemis ursula Beech Tigertail
Eusynthemis virgula Golden Tigertail
Parasynthemis regina Royal Tigertail
Synthemiopsis gomphomacromioides Tasmanian Spotwing
Synthemis eustalacta Swamp Tigertail
Synthemis tasmanica Tasmanian Swamp Tigertail
Tonyosynthemis claviculata Clavicle Tigertail
Tonyosynthemis ofarrelli Slender Tigertail
SpeciesArchaeophya adamsi Horned Urfly
Archaeophya magnifica Magnificent Urfly
SpeciesPseudocordulia circularis Circle-Tipped Mistfly
Pseudocordulia elliptica Ellipse-Tipped Mistfly
SpeciesCordulephya bidens Tropical Shutwing
Cordulephya divergens Clubbed Shutwing
Cordulephya montana Mountain Shutwing
Cordulephya pygmaea Common Shutwing
SpeciesApocordulia macrops Nighthawk
Austrocordulia leonardi Sydney Hawk
Austrocordulia refracta Eastern Hawk
Austrocordulia territoria Top End Hawk
Austrophya mystica Rainforest Mystic
Hesperocordulia berthoudi Orange Streamcruiser
Lathrocordulia garrisoni Queensland Swiftwing
Lathrocordulia metallica Western Swiftwing
Micromidia atrifrons Forest Mosquitohawk
Micromidia convergens Early Mosquitohawk
Micromidia rodericki Thursday Island Mosquitohawk
SpeciesMacromia tillyardi Australian Cruiser
Macromia viridescens Rainforest Cruiser
SpeciesHemicordulia australiae Australian Emerald
Hemicordulia continentalis Fat-Bellied Emerald
Hemicordulia flava Desert Emerald
Hemicordulia intermedia Yellow-Spotted Emerald
Hemicordulia kalliste Slender Emerald
Hemicordulia koomina Pilbara Emerald
Hemicordulia superba Superb Emerald
Hemicordulia tau Tau Emerald
Metaphya tillyardi Offshore Emerald
Pentathemis membranulata Metallic Tigerhawk
Procordulia affinis Western Swamp Emerald
Procordulia jacksoniensis Eastern Swamp Emerald
SpeciesAethriamanta circumsignata Square-Spot Basker
Aethriamanta nymphaeae L-Spot Basker
Agrionoptera insignis allogenes Red Swampdragon
Agrionoptera longitudinalis biserialis Striped Swampdragon
Austrothemis nigrescens Swamp Flat-Tail
Brachydiplax denticauda Palemouth
Brachydiplax duivenbodei Darkmouth
Camacinia othello Black Knight
Crocothemis nigrifrons Black-Headed Skimmer
SpeciesDiplacodes bipunctata Wandering Percher
Diplacodes haematodes Scarlet Percher
Diplacodes melanopsis Black-Faced Percher
Diplacodes nebulosa Charcoal-Winged Percher
Diplacodes trivialis Chalky Percher
Huonia melvillensis Forestwatcher
Hydrobasileus brevistylus Water Prince
Lathrecista asiatica festa Australian Slimwing
Macrodiplax cora Wandering Pennant
Nannodiplax rubra Pygmy Percher
Nannophlebia eludens Elusive Archtail
Nannophlebia injibandi Pilbara Archtail
Nannophlebia mudginberri Top End Archtail
Nannophlebia risi Common Archtail
Nannophya australis Australian Pygmyfly
Nannophya dalei Eastern Pygmyfly
Nannophya occidentalis Western Pygmyfly
Nannophya paulsoni Scarlet Pygmyfly
Neurothemis oligoneura Spotted Grasshawk
Neurothemis stigmatizans Painted Grasshawk
Notolibellula bicolor Bicoloured Skimmer
SpeciesOrthetrum balteatum Speckled Skimmer
Orthetrum boumiera Brownwater Skimmer
Orthetrum caledonicum Blue Skimmer
Orthetrum migratum Rosy Skimmer
Orthetrum sabina Slender Skimmer
Orthetrum serapia Green Skimmer
Orthetrum villosovittatum Fiery Skimmer
Pantala flavescens Wandering Glider
Potamarcha congener Swampwatcher
Raphismia bispina Spiny-Chested Percher
Rhodothemis lieftincki Red Arrow
Rhyothemis braganza Iridescent Flutterer
Rhyothemis graphiptera Graphic Flutterer
Rhyothemis phyllis Yellow-Striped Flutterer
Rhyothemis princeps Sapphire Flutterer
Rhyothemis resplendens Jewel Flutterer
Tetrathemis irregularis cladophila Rainforest Elf
Tholymis tillarga Twister
Tramea eurybia Dune Glider
Tramea loewii Common Glider
Tramea propinqua Northern Glider
Tramea stenoloba Narrow-Lobed Glider
Urothemis aliena Red Baron
Zyxomma elgneri Short-Tailed Duskdarter
Zyxomma multinervorum Large Duskdarter
Zyxomma petiolatum Long-Tailed Duskdarter

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